Full remote access. No strings attached.

Log into any online account as if it was your own.
Magic happens with a single click of a button.

Get access to any account with a single click.

Open the addon panel in your favourite web browser. Click on the captured account name and in an instant you will be logged into that account.

HexSpy Features

No passwords required. HexSpy also bypasses any account security protections like two-factor authentication.

Capture Facebook, Gmail and more.

Capturing Facebook accounts is free in the trial version.

When you upgrade to HexSpy Pro, you will be able to capture accounts on Gmail, Twitter, LinkedIn and more!

HexSpy Features

Here is a complete list of websites HexSpy can capture accounts for:

  • Facebook
  • Gmail and Google+
  • Twitter
  • Yahoo Mail
  • Outlook Mail
  • LinkedIn
  • Foursquare
  • MySpace
  • Instagram
  • YouTube

Support for more websites is constantly being added free of charge.

Fast deployment on monitored computer.

All you need to do is install a HexSpy Agent browser addon in the browser you want to monitor. Installing an addon takes no more than half a minute.

HexSpy Features

Capturing of user accounts begins immediately and the agent is hidden from plain sight.

Monitored session information is from that point securely transmitted to our servers.

Designed with security in mind.

Before any private account information is transmitted to our servers, we make sure to heavily encrypt it using your private password as a key.

HexSpy Features

Data remains encrypted in our database at all times. We will never be able to decrypt it ourselves as you remain the only person to know the password to your account.

We use strong AES-256 encryption algorithm for storing your private data. We will also never ask you to give us your private password.

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