Frequently Asked Questions

Learn the answers to the most popular questions.

  1. Will HexSpy work on my computer?
  2. HexSpy is a browser addon/extension currently working on Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. If you use any of these web browsers you will be able to run the software.

    All operating systems are supported including Windows XP, Windows 7, Mac OS X and even Linux.

  3. What do I have to do to start capturing accounts?
  4. First you need to install the HexSpy Agent in the browser of the monitored computer that you want to monitor.

    Later install HexSpy Admin on your personal computer where you want to log into the captured accounts.

    You can get help getting started in our getting started guide.

  5. Can I remotely access any account on the Internet?
  6. Yes and no. You can only access the accounts that were captured by HexSpy Agent installed in the monitored browser.

    You can't gain access to any online account without installing the agent on the monitored computer first.

  7. I've installed the agent, but no captured accounts are showing in the admin module.
  8. You may need to wait for the monitored user to log into the supported websites until you can see the captured accounts.

    Make sure to click the refresh button in the admin module to retrieve the latest list of captured accounts.

  9. I see the captured account, but there is a Signed out badge next to it and I can't log into it. What is the issue?
  10. That means the monitored user has manually signed out from the account that was captured.

    You may need to wait for the user to log back in, to have the agent capture the new session information.

  11. Is my captured account data safe on your servers?
  12. Yes. All captured data is first encrypted using AES-256 encryption algorithm before it is sent to our servers. The encryption key is your personal account password.

    This means that without us knowing your personal account password, there is no way for us to decrypt the information on our side. In short - only you, the rightful owner of the account, will be able to log into the captured accounts.

  13. Can I install the agent on Firefox and use the admin on Chrome?
  14. Yes. Our addons have full cross-browser support between these browsers.

  15. On the computer I want to monitor, there are several browsers. Which browser should I install the agent on?
  16. Your safest bet would be to install the agent addon in all browsers. You should install the addon in the browser that you know is being used to access the websites supported by HexSpy.

  17. Can the monitored person see they are being monitored with HexSpy?
  18. After the HexSpy Agent addon is installed in the browser it is hidden from plain sight, however it will still be visible in the list of installed addons in the settings panel of the monitored browser.

  19. Is HexSpy free?
  20. When in trial mode, you can use HexSpy for capturing and monitoring Facebook accounts. Capturing online accounts of the rest of services like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, Twitter and more are available in HexSpy Pro only.

    It is very easy to upgrade at any time if you need access to other supported accounts.

  21. Will I get a password for the captured account?
  22. No. In order to log into captured accounts, our software extracts session cookies instead of passwords.

    This method is much better as it will avoid tripping any alarms on the monitored accounts.

  23. Which website accounts can be captured with HexSpy?
  24. HexSpy Agent will capture accounts from following websites at the moment:

    • Facebook
    • Google
    • Twitter
    • Yahoo Mail
    • Outlook Mail
    • LinkedIn
    • Foursquare
    • MySpace
    • Instagram
    • YouTube

    We may add more websites by popular user requests.

  25. Can I capture accounts on Internet Explorer / Opera / Safari?
  26. No. At the moment HexSpy Agent is compatible only with Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

  27. I am a technical person. How does it work?
  28. When the monitored user logs into the website, the website will store the session cookies in the browser. These cookies let the website know that you're successfully logged in and from now on you have full access to the account.

    HexSpy Agent installed in the browser of the monitored computer, extracts these session cookies, encrypts and sends them to our server.

    When you click any of the captured accounts in HexSpy Admin, the cookies are retrieved from our servers and decrypted. They are then imported into the admin browser and with that you are able to impersonate the session of the captured account and use the account in context of the monitored user.

    Captured session cookies will work until the monitored user signs out from the account as it will invalidate the session cookies and you will need to wait for the user to log back in to acquire a new session.

  29. Can I monitor my spouse with this software?
  30. You should NOT attempt to monitor your spouse, significant other or adult children with HexSpy without the consent and knowledge of such persons. Doing so may violate local, state or federal laws and you could be subject to civil or criminal penalties.

  31. Should I inform my employees or others that their accounts are being monitored?
  32. Yes. HexSpy terms of use require that you inform anyone you may monitor with HexSpy software.